Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee River

The Ocoee River, site of the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition, is America’s only Olympic river and  offers thrilling rafting on Class III and IV rapids.  Broken into 3 separate parts, the Upper Ocoee is the site of the 1996 Olympic course; the Middle Ocoee has been the site of commercial rafting since 1976 and the Lower Ocoee (below Parksville Lake Dam) is great for lazy tube floats.

The Ocoee River attracts rafters from far and wide. Today, over 250,000 visitors a year get their thrills going down the Ocoee. This is an experience you will not soon forget. Approximate trip duration is 4 hours.



Adventures Unlimited:                       800-662-0667          http://www.adventuresunlimited.net/

Big Frog Expeditions:                        877-776-2633          http://www.ocoeeriver.biz/

Cascade Outdoors:                           800-338-7238          http://www.cascadeoutdoors.com/

Cherokee Rafting:                             800-451-7328          http://www.cherokeerafting.com

Nantahala Outdors:                           888-905-7238          http://www.noc.com/

Ocoee Adventure Cener                   888-723-8622          http://www.ocoeeadventurecenter.com/

Ocoee Inn Rafting:                            800-272-7238          http://www.ocoeeinn.com/

Ocoee Outdoors:                              800-420-7238          http://www.ocoee-outdoors.com/

Outdoor Adventure Rafting (OAR):   800-627-7636          http://www.raft.com/

Quest Expeditions:                            800-277-4537          http://www.questexpeditions.com/

Sunburst Adventures:                        800-247-8388          http://www.sunburstrafting.com/